How To Join A Zoom Meeting

1. In a web browser or search field type in:

2. Select Join A Meeting in the upper right corner


3. Enter the Meeting ID provided (9digit number) and select Join

If you are using a Google Chrome Book: 

  • You will receive a prompt to Add Zoom to Chrome - select Yes.

  • Add to Chrome - select Yes

  • This may take a couple seconds as the system is "checking" for this process to engage

  • If your device requires you to download Zoom, select the download and open/run: 

  • Or you may see this… select RUN











4. Enter Screen Name (students name)

Join Meeting

















Once you see this screen, you’ve made it and you are just waiting for the meeting to start.

5. You will be asked how you’d like to join via audio:


Or if joining from a phone/tablet, you may also select Audio via Internet.

Audio/Video options are available once you’ve joined the meeting by hovering your mouse in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen.

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